• OgreMax 2.6.2 was released on February 1, 2014
    • OgreMax Scene Exporter

      These downloads contain all versions of the OgreMax Scene Exporter and are the same as the full commercial versions, except for the following:

      • They are free for non-commercial use only.
      • Up to 1 texture coordinate set will be exported per mesh.
      • Up to 1 texture unit will be exported per material.
      • Up to 5 mesh animations (per mesh) and 5 node animations (per node) will be exported.
      • No support is provided.
      • Download:
        • OgreMax Scene Exporter for 3DS Max - Windows
        • OgreMax Scene Exporter for Maya - Windows, OS X
        • OgreMax Scene Exporter for Softimage/XSI - Windows
      OgreMax Viewers
      Required Runtime Drivers for Windows