OgreMax is a collection of exporters and viewers for use with the Ogre 3D graphics engine
Support for Major 3D Applications
Work with the applications of your choice since there are exporters for 3DS Max and Maya.
Full Scene Export
Export your entire scene at once with animations, meshes, materials, lights, cameras, and other objects placed wherever you want.
Integrated Real-Time 3D Viewports
Apply materials, animate your objects, and watch the results as they are rendered in real-time.
Integrated Ogre Material and Viewer
Create Ogre materials in the integrated editor while the changes are displayed immediately in a dedicated viewer and the scene viewports.
Mesh Animations
All mesh animation types supported by Ogre are also supported by OgreMax. That means you can animate with poses, morphs, skeletons, or any combination of the three.
Mesh Merging
Create your meshes and curves within the 3D application, then merge them into a single mesh on export. This even works if the meshes have their own animations and the animations are of a different type.
Detailed Texture Coordinate Export
Take extra control over which texture coordinate sets are exported by customizing the settings for each submesh.
Custom User Data
Define classes of custom data for your scene, objects, and materials, and edit this data with an automatically constructed user interface. You can then load this data into your application after export.
Explore your scenes with the OgreMax Viewer, available for Windows, OS X, Android, and iPad & iPhone.
Source Code
Modify or integrate the scene loading source code included with the viewers. Or, if you need more flexibility, license the exporter and viewer source code in the store.
E-mail support is provided with all paid versions of OgreMax.
Browse the online documentation for all the tools.